20 Great PC Games That Actually Deserve a Remaster

Remasters are all the rage these days, aren't they? In concept, the idea of updating an older game to be enjoyed by current generations is fairly popular among gamers, and it certainly has a better track record than doing the same to, say, movies(as a thousand "Han Shot First" T-Shirts can attest). But in the … Continue reading 20 Great PC Games That Actually Deserve a Remaster


The 20 Greatest Cities in RPG History

There comes a point in almost every RPG when you have to leave the lush countryside behind and journey into the big city. It can be a point where the action ramps up, replacing the low stakes and simple good against evil storytelling of the early levels with moral complexity and hard choices. It can be a change of pace, switching focus to intrigue or character building. Or it can even be a small reprieve from all the action. What it rarely is however, is boring.

Why Hollywood Keeps Adapting the Wrong Video Games

Not too long ago, the concept of a video game adaptation was synonymous with box office poison. Critics and audiences alike scoffed at such "classics" as Street Fighter: The Movie(really creative guys) or Super Mario Bros.(the one without Chris Pratt). But recently, the tide seems to be shifting. Netflix has experienced tremendous success with the likes of Arcane, Castlevania and The Witcher(which is of course, technically based on the books, but I doubt it would have happened if the games weren't a thing). Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't outright terrible. Detective Pikachu was actually pretty damn good. And the dam seems to have burst with how many video game properties are now getting adaptations. But have Hollywood truly learned their lesson? Are video game adaptations going the way of superhero movies? I think not.