Ubisoft is removing some of their products from your Steam account. Here’s why you should care.

A little over a couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft announced that starting September 1st, Assassins Creed Liberation HD, will be pulled from sale, alongside a few more obscure titles. More importantly, they have also announced that they're shutting down all online features for a ton of their older games(full list here). What this means is that, in addition to no longer being able to play these games online, you will also lose access to all DLCs, regardless of whether you own them or not.


Lost Ark is everything I’ve been waiting for in an MMO…yet playing it feels like a strangely hollow experience

Back when I was 10, living on a diet of Runescape and Diablo 2, I had a brilliant idea. What if someone combined those two games, and made the best game ever? Middle school logic aside, it's not a bad idea. Diablo-style ARPG combat seems like a natural fit for an MMO, not demanding enough that you get easily burnt out, but providing enough engagement to make grinding a somewhat pleasant activity. Which is why it's really strange that no one did it successfully until Lost Ark came around.

Why I could never write an objective review of Mass Effect: Andromeda

September 2020 was a rough time for me. My country was in lockdown, I was temporarily out of a job and I was completely isolated from family and friends. At the time, I was living alone, and the only companionship I had was my cat. Then, my cat died. Unsurprisingly, I didn't exactly take it … Continue reading Why I could never write an objective review of Mass Effect: Andromeda