Darksiders Review-Legend of Zelda in God of War cosplay

There are certain games that you only need a few minutes to tell exactly what they're all about. It has dodge rolls and bonfires? You can probably also expect a steep difficulty curve and boss fights against gigantic monsters who hit like a truck in a very predictable pattern. It's a party based JRPG with turn based combat? You're probably gonna end up killing God at some point. An Xbox 360 military shooter with an overwhelmingly brown color palate? You probably already know how its story goes beat by beat. Video games have been around for long enough now that there's nothing truly new under the sun, and most of them follow the tropes and conventions of their genre pretty closely. But occasionally, a game does surprise you.


INSIDE Review-A Masterclass In Minimalistic Video Game Design

At first glance, Inside seems like a game that's a bit too recent and high profile for me to cover. The long awaited spiritual successor to indie critical darling Limbo, it was met with both immediate critical acclaim, and massive commercial success(well, for a 2d puzzle platformer at least). But for all the attention it received for it's striking aesthetics and wordless storytelling, it seems like much of what makes this game special has never quite made it's way into the cultural zeitgeist in the way it deserved to.

Mirror’s Edge Review- The first person Parkour simulator

¬©Electronic Arts, via Steam When Mirror's Edge first came out, I was under the impression that it was a big deal. I was pretty young at the time, and it's one of the first few games I clearly remember being excited for (among others that I remember from that period are the first Assassins Creed … Continue reading Mirror’s Edge Review- The first person Parkour simulator