Dead Space(2008) Review-The scariest game I’ve ever played

I'm not a person that scares easily. Or, I should say, I'm not a person that scares easily at things I know can't hurt me. There's an unknown animal in the woods behind my house? Yeah, I'm probably not going out there to check. Scary stories though? Horror movies? Games? Not a problem. As much as I enjoy spooky shit, I had never come across a single work of fiction, in any medium, that would genuinely scare me. Until I played Dead Space.


Resident Evil 4 Review-Is This Classic Horror Game Still Scary in 2022?

I was about 10 years old when I first tried to play RE4. Back then, I didn't quite understand what a horror game was supposed to be, and it didn't look particularly different from the action games I was familiar with. But the control scheme felt instantly wrong(keep in mind, I was playing mouse and keyboard too), and the constant lack of ammo was extremely frustrating. About 2 hours into the game, I got a random button prompt flashing on the screen for about half a second, then a boulder fell on Leon's perfectly coifed head, and I lost. That was about it for my first taste of Resident Evil. Coming back to it years later, this time armed with a controller and some knowledge of what the game was trying to do, I can't say I felt much different at first.

The classic time travel JRPG-Chrono Trigger Review

There are certain clichés people associate with the JRPG genre. The convoluted, nonsensical narratives, the melodrama, the hours and hours of grinding. Honestly, this perception has kept me from trying Chrono Trigger for a long time, which is a shame since none of these clichés are true in this case. Chrono Trigger is refreshingly brief, grind free, and action packed, and it's characters and dialogue are as far removed from the soap opera stylings of the typical JRPG as they can be.