Solasta: Crown of the Magister Review-The Budget Alternative to Baldur’s Gate 3

In the world of cinema, there is a phenomenon known as twin films. Every few years, two or more movies with a very similar premise will inexplicably come out around the same time. There's plenty of famous examples. Dante's Peak and Inferno. Antz and a Bug's Life. Observe and Report and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. You probably already know a handful of these examples yourself. Sometimes, its just a matter of one film trying to ride on the coattails of a bigger, more successful production. But most of the time, its more or less pure coincidence. Although it is not quite as well known, this sometimes happens to video games too. Case in point, Baldur's Gate 3 and Solasta: Crown of the Magister.


Yoku’s Island Express Review-An Open World Pinball Adventure

┬ęTeam 17Group Perhaps it's a bit of a cop out to call Yoku's Island Express a hidden gem. After all, it received a decent amount of attention on release last year. It was reviewed(mostly favorably) by several major publication, sold decently, and was even an Epic free giveaway at some point. However, I do think … Continue reading Yoku’s Island Express Review-An Open World Pinball Adventure