INSIDE Review-A Masterclass In Minimalistic Video Game Design

At first glance, Inside seems like a game that’s a bit too recent and high profile for me to cover. The long awaited spiritual successor to indie critical darling Limbo, it was met with both immediate critical acclaim, and massive commercial success(well, for a 2d puzzle platformer at least). But for all the attention it received for it’s striking aesthetics and wordless storytelling, it seems like much of what makes this game special has never quite made it’s way into the cultural zeitgeist in the way it deserved to.

Yoku’s Island Express Review-An Open World Pinball Adventure

Perhaps it’s a bit of a cop out to call Yoku’s Island Express a hidden gem. After all, it received a decent amount of attention on release last year. It was reviewed(mostly favorably) by several major publication, sold decently, and was even an Epic free giveaway at some point. However, I do think it was … Continue reading Yoku’s Island Express Review-An Open World Pinball Adventure

The classic time travel JRPG-Chrono Trigger Review

There are certain clichés people associate with the JRPG genre. The convoluted, nonsensical narratives, the melodrama, the hours and hours of grinding. Honestly, this perception has kept me from trying Chrono Trigger for a long time, which is a shame since none of these clichés are true in this case. Chrono Trigger is refreshingly brief, grind free, and action packed, and it’s characters and dialogue are as far removed from the soap opera stylings of the typical JRPG as they can be.


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