The 20 Greatest Cities in RPG History

There comes a point in almost every RPG when you have to leave the lush countryside behind and journey into the big city. It can be a point where the action ramps up, replacing the low stakes and simple good against evil storytelling of the early levels with moral complexity and hard choices. It can be a change of pace, switching focus to intrigue or character building. Or it can even be a small reprieve from all the action. What it rarely is however, is boring.


The Rise and Fall of Environmental Storytelling in Video Games- Part 2- Morrowind- An unsurpassed masterpiece

Caius Cosades is one of the first major characters you meet in Morrowind. He's a guy who gives you quests and teaches you about the game world and mechanics. In any other game, he'd be a stock "helpful NPC" character. But this is Morrowind, so of course, he's a crackhead secret agent.